We are getting ready for the future and at the same time creating new opportunities for you, our supplier

It has been decided that from 1st of January 2022 we will merge the two Beijer Ref companies, Aircon Teknik A/S and H. Jessen Jürgensen A/S into one powerful legal entity under the company name: H. Jessen Jürgensen A/S.


Our goal of this merge

It is our intention to forge the two companies’ core competencies and combine their extensive experiences in order to create one even stronger and more competitive full‐service partner for the Danish climate and refrigerant market. This will undoubtedly create even more push in the market on your products.

Now we are able to optimise our customer service under the concept of “one stop shopping”. We will utilise the new combined resources to create better value in the chain, from supply partnering to professional customer deliveries. We will work hard to increase our position as the preferred supplier in the Danish market and your services will as always be very much appreciated. Together with you it is our ambition to create better value together.

What does this change means for you?

From the 1st of January 2022:

  • The market for your products will grow due to an increased amount of well‐known customers
  • Marketing and promotion of your products will increase, due to more sales engineers in the field and a higher level of online and offline activities
  • Your contacts may change, but the knowledge is still there
  • The supply chain effectiveness will increase due to improved systems and processes
  • Together we will have to align our terms to the new setup
  • You will have to change our company data in your system 

Business Unit Manager Ulrich Basse previous Aircon Teknik A/S and Regional Manager Kim Kirkegaard from H. Jessen Jürgensen A/S will be in charge of the daily management and will of course keep you posted on the development. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.


Ulrich Basse

Ulrich Basse
Business Unit Manager
Aircon Teknik A/S 

D: +45 8752 1720 
M: +45 2089 0461
E: uba@airconteknik.dk



Claus Bo Jacobsen

D: +45 4420 0620
E: cbj@hjj.dk



Kim Kirkegaard
HVAC Manager
H. Jessen Jürgensen A/S

D: +45 8734 9097
M: +45 6120 6775


Tempovej 18-22
DK-2750 Ballerup

Johann Gutenbergs Vej 11-13
DK-8200-Aarhus N

Birkemosevej 4
DK-8361 Hasselager

Niels Bohrs Vej 1A
DK-6000 Kolding